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ITALCERT Srl is a Certifying body, that starting from 1992, operates in the field of Management and Product Quality System certification. The society is a notified body for what concerns inspecting activity and technical training and for conformity assessment according to CE type-approval mark.

ITALCERT Srl is an ACCREDIA accredited body for management systems certification (certificate n° 020D), product certification according ISO 17065, (certificate n° 122B) and for inspecting activities according to ISO 17020 (certificate n° 075E).

ITALCERT Srl is also a European Union Notifeid Body (n° 0426) for what concerns several EU Directives.

The Society works for the implementation of specific Certification Schemes aiming at satisfying the requests of particular categories in the certification setting.

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BCCERT is no profit society aiming at promoting and diffusing a high quality standard of care in breast cancer.

BCCERT aims at improving breast cancer care in dedicated multidisciplinary Breast Centres.

BCCERT, thanks to specialists and qualified experts and its collaboration with qualified bodies, is committed to develop conformity evaluation procedures for breast centres dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

All what mentioned above is achievable thanks to the technical expertise, resources and international relations with well known experts in the field of breast cancer care.


Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services Certification


Breast Centres Certification Experience

ITALCERT Srl and BCCERT have created the Breast Centres Certification scheme (www.breastcentrescertification.com). Such Certification is in compliance with the standard Eusoma guidelines on "The requirements of a specialist breast centre". Breast Centres Certification is committed in diffusing the implementation of Breast Centres according to the Eusoma requirements and the quality of care through a certification process.

In 2015 Breast Centres Certification scheme obtained from ACCREDIA the accreditation of ITALCERT Scheme - Breast Centres Certification based on Eusoma requirements.

ACCREDIA is the sole National Accreditation Body (NAB) that performs accreditation with authority derived from the State and participates in the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) among all the International NAB of the different States.

By virtue of this participation, all the certificates issued under ACCREDIA accreditation, are both recognised and accepted internationally.

Considering the experience during this years, ITALCERT Srl and BCCERT started a collaboration with EUREF (European Reference Organization for quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services).

EUREF, the European Reference Organisation for Quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services, is a pan European organisation, widely drawn from different Member States and is operated on a non-profit making basis. The goal of EUREF is to promote high quality mamma-care in Europe.

EUREF is committed in the development and dissemination of the European Guidelines, promoting the Certification of breast services and mammography equipment.


The Organization

BCCERT President
Prof. Luigi Cataliotti

Dott. Ing. Roberto Cusolito

Certification Scheme Manager
Dr.ssa Chiara Morlacchi

Technical Support to Certification Scheme Manager
Dr.ssa Lorenza Marotti

Operating Officer
Dr.ssa Ester Cecconi

Administrative Manager
Mrs. Simona Adami