1. In case of an updating of EUREF referring standard for Certification how are managed the changes in the standard for the purpose of certification procedure?

In case of an updating of EUREF reference standard is euref itself to indicate to Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services Certification how the new requirements and definitions has to be managed.

Usually a transitory period for the implementation of the new requirements is foreseen. The length of time of such transitory period is defined by EUREF, taking into account the complexity for the implementation and satisfaction of the new requirements.

During the transitory period, all the new mandatory requirements introduced are considered as recommended for what concerns Certification process.

2. Which are the services that cannot be subcontracted out of the Breast Screening Program or the Breast Diagnostic Unit and, if so, has to be considered part of a MULTISITE CERTIFICATION?

  • Breast Radiology
  • Breast Pathology
  • Breast Radiation Oncology
  • Physico-technical quality control
  • Epidemiological support (only for Breast Screening Program)